Effective Post-Operative Pain Control Measures

Experiencing pain after a major surgery is quite common as well as extremely bothering. It also hampers one’s lifestyle, day to day activities thus delaying and hampering one’s post-operative recovery tremendously and makes it much more difficult.

girl-runningPain management after having a major surgery is one of the biggest concern one can have and experiencing post-operative pain is inevitable. Hence, the pain control measures comes into the scenario.

Here, in today’s article, we will look into some available and effective pain control and pain management options for the post-operative patients. These include the well-known medications that can be bought over the counter at most drugstores as well as pain-busting opiates.

  1. Over the counter drugs: This is one of the common hassle free options for pain control for the patients who have recently undergone surgery. These medications are perfect for alleviating pains that are minor to moderate in terms of their intensity. These drugs include, analgesics, NSAIDS and anti-allergic OTC drugs.

Systemic over the counter drugs are also a good way to control pain after surgery and are often prescribed by the physician in order to eliminate any risk of allergy or side effects based on the patient’s medical history. But if you get a serious pain issued, these medications are not going to do the job and you will find yourself reaching for something stronger to help you recover an active lifestyle.

  1. Prescription drugs: These includes- morphine, used in case of severe pain after surgery and other similar forms of drugs acts in a similar way as morphine and gives pain relief from low to moderate type of pains post-surgery
  1. Opioids: These are also excellent medication for pain control post-surgery and are only to be consumed if prescribed by a physician. But although you cannot get these over the counter, you can at lease buy these medication online, at least in the UK. In fact in many EU countries, doctors are allowed to prescribe opiates without a personal examination so you can buy codeine or  Co-Codamol online.
  1. Non drug pain control ways: If the pain is not that severe but mild to moderate, then often various forms of exercises, including easy free hand and yoga postures are recommended to the patients by the physicians themselves.

Regular exercise, brisk walking combined with regular meditation also acts as an excellent and effective way of pain control and recovery for the post-operative patients.

  1. Injections and other analgesic mode of pain control: In case of severe ailments and major surgery where post-operative pain is inevitable and the intensity of the pain is too severe for the patient to bear analgesics are often injected into the patients in a regular interval in order to control the severe pain.

Intravenous analgesics where the patient controls the dosage according to their own need and requirement, patient controlled epidural, nerve blocking medications are few examples of this type of pain control methods.

Apart from these, home remedies like heat and cold compression, music therapy also works wonders in controlling the pain post-surgery in patients and in some hospitals, they even have an in department relaxation chamber for the post-operative patient to help the to cope with their post-surgical pain.